Alyssa Chin

Ambitious, driven, and having a genuine passion for people, Alyssa Veniece Chin is a born leader.  As a creative Toronto native, she used her skill sets to experience different professions in the city – immersing herself as a PRO competitor and personal trainer in the fitness industry, acting and performing her own stunts in the film industry, working as a represented model – which led to her realizing her true calling of helping others to own their universe.  Alyssa became a certified REALTOR® to assist her clients in making one of the biggest decisions of their lives.  With her vast knowledge of Canadian culture and the Toronto surrounding area, she is well equipped to provide resources and insight for anyone seeking her help.  Committed to living by principle, prioritizing values and ethics, backed by her own solid work ethic, Alyssa is on a continuous upwards trajectory of learned self-improvement to best benefit her clients.

I am Alyssa, and I am RARE.


Uncommon by design.

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