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Are You Wanting to Increase Your Productivity?  In today’s fast-paced business environment, it can be challenging to maximizing our productivity without burning out. Finding effective tools to improving my own productivity has made a huge difference for me, both professionally and personally. Here are 10 effective productivity concepts which have helped me throughout my career: 1.  [&hell


As part of your home-selling journey, when first starting the process it can seem natural to ask a realtor: “how much is my home worth?” and probably “How much do they charge?” However, is this truly the best place to begin? After all, can realtors accurately determine your home’s value without all giving differing answers? […]


Leading a team can be a challenging but rewarding experience, especially if you have a solid understanding of some key concepts. Whether you’re a new manager looking to enhance your leadership skills, or an experienced one looking to sharpen them, here are a few of the important concepts I’ve identified, learned, and am still learning to lead our team effectiv

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