Danielle Levy

Danielle is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, cultivating robust connections with key investors and agents in the city. With a diverse expertise spanning residential, commercial, assignment, and pre-construction sales, she clinched the esteemed Rookie Of The Year Award during her inaugural year as a REALTOR at Sutton Canada.

Her accomplishments have earned her features in Bloomberg, Now Toronto, Yahoo Lifestyle, TLN TV network, and more. Meticulously researching market dynamics across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Danielle shares extensive knowledge with first-time homebuyers and investors, conducting her business with unwavering honesty and integrity.

Within just six months of licensing, her savvy use of social media has successfully established her brand, attracting significant attention even when compared to industry veterans. Boasting a robust online presence on seven platforms and a substantial combined following of over 60 thousand, Danielle brings a wealth of experience, accumulating a total of 11 years in the industry—from collaborating with realtors to achieving her status as a successful realtor.


Email: danielle@soldbylevy.com

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