Kaitlin Jardine

One word: diversified. With an extensive music background, a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a wanderlust-filled expedition to over 14 different countries, it’s fair to say Kaitlin is very well-rounded. She has always been intrigued by human behaviours, different cultures, and connecting the dots for those around her. Cultivating a vast network across Canada and the United States, Kaitlin has been able to organically accumulate a social media following of over 90,000 followers, which has also allowed her to maintain long lasting relationships with individuals from all walks of life. She believes that we were placed on this earth with a purpose larger than our own selfishness. Kaitlin believes that her purpose lies within her skillsets which involve helping others reach their goals by genuinely connecting the dots for them. 

As a Toronto real estate agent, she takes pride in carrying herself with class, professionalism, knowledge, heart, and fearlessness, all while providing her clients with the resources that they may be missing.

Kaitlin prides herself on her undisputed work ethic and keeping her word on the promises she makes. She always wants to leave people better than she found them and leave a lasting impression rather than a pointless encounter. And if she can get you your dream property in the process then that is a plus for both!


“I am Kaitlin Jardine, and I am RARE.”

Email: jardinekaitlin@gmail.com

Uncommon by design.

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