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Lane Gold

With loyalty and integrity inscribed in his DNA, Lane Gold truly lives up to his surname—the gold standard, always. Authentic and down-to-earth, this determined go-getter is known for delivering seamless, frictionless experiences for his clients.  


Proudly connected to his hard-hat roots as an interior contractor, Lane brings a unique perspective to the art of real estate: his technical knowledge of residential infrastructure. Using his sharp eye for detail, he can assess building materials, recognize great floor design and predict unforeseen issues. He values transparency in all his communications, an ethic admired by clients for his straight-shooter style and true-blue approach.  


Outside the office, Lane is an avid baseball player and bodybuilder. By applying his athletic acumen to his craft, his discipline, focus and sagacity make him a heavy-hitter on our team.  


“I am Lane Gold, and I am RARE.” 

Email: lanejgold@gmail.com

Uncommon by design.

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