Marissa Jochim

Graduating from McMaster University with a B.A. in Philosophy, Marissa brings critical thinking skills and a strong sense of ethics to real estate. Driven by her desire to help people, Marissa strives to ensure her clients feel confident and secure in their transactions. Marissa was born and raised in Mississauga and has great knowledge of what is going on in and around the GTA. She refined her skills, seeing great success working in luxury beauty sales, and is confident as she translates her talent into the Toronto Real Estate Market. If there is one thing she learned, it is that giving outstanding service is about creating relationships based on sincerity and integrity. 

When not engaging with clients, you can find Marissa spending time outdoors, or travelling, most frequently to St. Vincent in the Caribbean. She is an animal lover who grew up riding horses and working at the stable. Marissa is not a stranger to hard work. Understanding and focused – Marissa will make your dreams a reality.

“I am Marissa Jochim and I am RARE.”



Uncommon by design.

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