Meray Mansour

Meray is a Real Estate Team leader, who is passionate about coaching others, be it her team members or her clients, to achieve their goals using a holistic approach that combines the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of the individual. Meray became a realtor straight out of high school approximately 20 years ago and in her early 20s decided to go back to college and then University to become a Child and Family Therapist. She was always drawn to helping others and wanted to give back. Meray co-led Social Skills and Parenting Groups at the Centre for Addictions and Mental health and was a Therapist with Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre. Meray became more focused on her Real Estate Career after having her two children. She participated in a series of powerful coaching programs and has consistently grown her business every year since then. She is the proud recipient of the Director’s Platinum/ Red Diamond/ Award of Excellence and most recently the Prestigious Chairman’s Club Award and consistently ranked in the top tier of Realtors on MLS. Her Real Estate group delivers a full-service approach combining her Investment, Design and Construction Backgrounds. Meray takes pride in providing a smooth & stress-free experience every time and thrives in the diversity of each unique Real Estate transaction by analyzing, problem solving, and negotiating the best possible outcome for her clients. 


The things that have always kept Meray centred and balanced are Dance, Weight-training, and Yoga. She toured with several hip-hop artists in her 20s, and most recently has been performing with a Salsa and Bachata group. Meray believes that feeling good is something that comes from the inside out and she is always looking for ways to grow, expand and help others to do the same. Health and fitness have been a consistent part of her life since she was a teenager, however this took a backseat during her child rearing years and while building her business. A close friend encouraged her to do her first fitness competition about 5 years ago and this was the push she needed to get back into that lifestyle. She has since made it to the National level and has been published numerous times in Canada’s largest fitness magazine. Meray has been very active in the Real Estate Media with consistent appearances on CTV News, The Goods and Income Properties as well as being a Real Estate specialist for Now Magazine articles & podcasts. The combination of all her passions and achievements have become the driving force and a reminder that anything in life is possible when you remove the barriers in your mind. Her ‘Why’ is always to lead by example and to show her children that anything is possible and to leave a positive imprint on the world while raising the collective consciousness.

“I am Meray Mansour, and I am RARE.”

Uncommon by design.

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