Reece Rowat

Reece’s fierce work ethic, unrivalled hustle, and passion for helping people are three characteristics that have brought him immense success in his real estate career thus far. Prior to trading in real estate, Reece worked as an actor for 8 years. This past career has taught him resourcefulness, relentless perseverance, and the ability to build genuine, lasting connections midst a highly competitive industry. All these skills transfer over to the world of real estate and are part of what makes clients so eager to work with Reece. He values integrity and trust with his clients and believes in always going the extra mile to ensure his clients’ success and attract repeat business. But throughout it all, Reece believes that all his transactions should be fun! He brings a light-hearted and upbeat energy to his work that grants a sense of ease and joy to all his transactions. When working with Reece, clients can expect a work-horse attitude, five-star client care and a winning smile and this is what makes him RARE

“I am Reece and I am RARE.”


Uncommon by design.

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