Veronique Paquette

Veronique graduated from Laurentian University with a commerce degree and majored in accounting. Upon graduation, she was offered a position at Export Development Canada in Ottawa as an Underwriting and Declaration Policy Coordinator where she was responsible for managing and coordinating policy conversion activities. While realizing she loved working with clients and was always willing to go the extra mile to solve problems and make them happy, Veronique decided to leave the government and pursue a career in real estate. Veronique has been in the real estate industry since March 2015, where she was licensed in Ottawa with Remax Core. Exceeding over 30 transactions her first year in the business while only working with buyers, and being a part time inside sales agent, it was safe to say she had a natural sales talent and was great with people. With a passion for working with new clients and surpassing their expectations, she decided to move to Toronto to explore opportunities in a larger marketplace.

“I am Veronique Paquette, and I am RARE.”



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