Yanita Hodge-Browne

At a very young age Yanita knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and work alongside industry leaders who shared the same passion she did! Yanita is someone who epitomizes resilience, dedication, and grind! After having her son Yanita realized that it’s more than just selling homes. It’s also about teaching others and families how to build generational wealth! 

She will go above and beyond to provide her clientele with an exceptional experience! It’s without a doubt her charisma, hustle and work ethic is the reason why people love working with her! 

Rest assured whether you are looking for an investment property, opening up a business or looking for the perfect home to rent or buy.

Yanita will exceed your expectations and help you secure your dream home! 

I am Yanita Hodge-Browne and I am RARE.


Uncommon by design.

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