Adam Battaglia from RARE Real Estate

Adam Battaglia

As a realtor, Adam connects with his clients in an authentic and personalized way
and is able to curate a strategy that connects dreams to results.  He believes in
the value of a well-structured strategy to make it all happen, no matter what challenges
he faces along the way.


Adam graduated from York University with a BA in Political Science, specializing in
political economics.  Adam expanded his knowledge of the business world by working
over 20 years at the Canadian headquarters for a major automotive company and has found his passion in real estate.  His focus shifted towards real estate after purchasing
his first real estate investment where he had to renovate a century home and the story continues from there.


Adam relates his real estate business to a new found love that has awakened a profound drive which focuses on connecting with amazing clients and making their dreams happen. 


“I am Adam Battaglia, and I am RARE.”


Uncommon by design.

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