Alex Holgate

Alex began her real estate career in property management while doing her physics degree at the University of Toronto and being a competitive debater. She is no stranger to multi-tasking and meeting high demands. In her first year of managing luxury properties, she achieved Superhost status on Airbnb with a 4.89-star rating and over 100 stays booked for a single unit. As a published physicist, her clients can count on her for detail-oriented and well-researched support.

“I pride myself on being someone who understands people, numbers, and trends, which are all essential qualities when you’re looking for a winning realtor. Real estate isn’t quantum physics, but buying, selling, and investing are all huge decisions and you want the right person on your team.”

The business of real estate is all about finding someone who can fiercely advocate for your needs. Alex’s background as an accomplished debater makes her well-versed in the art of negotiation. Her top debating achievements include having served as the deputy chief adjudicator for both the Women’s North American Debate Championships and the Canadian National Debate Championships. She is an internationally recognized debater and judged at the World Universities Debate Championships stage for several years. In 2017, Alex won the best debating class award from the National High School Debate League of China for her coaching abilities and helping her students succeed.

She is a problem-solver who enjoys taking on large complex issues and turning them into easily understandable solutions to best support her clients for seamless and hassle-free service.

Finding your dream home or the right investment property is a big undertaking. Get in touch with Alex today to help guide you through this major life decision.

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