Benjamin Varughese

Benjamin Varughese joins RARE as a top producing agent who also earned Rookie of the Year status in his four year experience as a REALTOR. Armed with a degree in Psychology from York University and a Health Science degree from Ontario Tech University, where he graduated Magnum Cum Laude, Benjamin sought real estate as a career path after recognizing the diversity of interpersonal opportunities available in the industry. Benjamin enjoys interacting with all walks of life and is motivated by the challenges of working with first-time home buyers, seasoned investors, and commercial property owners. He sincerely appreciates the profound impact a real estate representative makes on a client’s lifestyle and family, and finds this responsibility rewarding and fulfilling. An avid tennis player and coach, as well as a published researcher, Benjamin is truly a modern-day renaissance man who offers his clients a well informed and educated perspective on their real estate interests. 

“I am Benjamin, and I am RARE”


Uncommon by design.

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