Brett Starke

Brett Starke, president of The Starke Group takes a team approach to real estate. Buying or selling a home in Toronto is a complex, sophisticated, and often deeply personal endeavor. . His business has grown successfully and consistently thanks to the repeat business of happy clients and their introductions to friends, family, and neighbors. This track record is only possible because Brett and his team deliver both results and an enjoyable experience. Brett is a straightforward and assertive leader. He likes to win (for his clients) but does so with a calm demeanor and a smile. Brett lives in downtown Toronto with partner in crime, his husky Dasha. He attended Carleton University in Ottawa and graduated with a law degree. In terms of real estate, his education is never complete. He continually invests time, money and thought into the latest sales, marketing, and negotiations techniques. Brett attended the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Mass in June 2016. Brett also served as a member of the Queen’s York Rangers, a reservist regiment in the Canadian Armed Forces. These experiences instilled the discipline it takes to build the of the most well-known real estate teams in Toronto.

“I am Brett Starke, and I am RARE.”

Uncommon by design.

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