Corinne Marks

Corinne Marks is no stranger to Toronto and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the place she calls home. Starting her path in the financial and real estate industry, Corinne quickly transitioned into a full-time realtor selling over 20 million in the beginning years of her career. Corinne’s close eye to market trends, development, and design allows her to make each client experience seamless. With her great deal of knowledge and experience in the real estate realm, her passion and drive for interior design is impeccable. 
Corinne is the eyes and ears to her clients. By developing relationships based on mutual trust and care, she goes above and beyond to meet all expectations for her people. Corinne is dedicated to creating the best experience for everyone who works with her and takes all their needs into account when purchasing property. She is friendly, full of energy, and loves making each experience with her clients a unique one…but do not let that smile deceive you when it comes to her fierce negotiation skills! 


I am Corinne Marks, and I am RARE 



Uncommon by design.

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