Hazem Hanna

Hazem has a natural aptness for exceptional customer service and instinctively knows what type of property his clients are looking for, even if they haven’t eloquently described it. Hazem has a background in business law and more than 7 years in sales. Helping his clients navigate the often-complex waters of home buying and selling fall well within his comfort zone. Hazem was born into an entrepreneurial family, so problem solving, and people skills are in his DNA. His passion for real estate stemmed from working in property management while helping investors reach their goals and tenants find their dream homes. 


Whether you’re buying or selling your home or seeking that perfect investment property to add to your portfolio, he genuinely believes that the experience should be nothing less than seamless. When Hazem is not busy helping clients, he enjoys working out, playing soccer, and being around family and friends. 

I am Hazem, and I am RARE

Email: hazem@starkerealty.ca

Uncommon by design.

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