Jeffrey Lloyd Reinelt

Jeff Reinelt is a highly accomplished realtor with extensive experience in the Toronto real estate market, specializing in both resale & pre-construction properties. With a diverse background that includes international expertise, owning a local construction company and building a successful investment real estate portfolio, Jeff brings a unique perspective from his real estate career in Australia, providing a global outlook for strategic investments in Southern Ontario. Jeff has been investing in real estate for the last 7 years which he uses his in-depth knowledge and analytical approach to help clients find perfect homes and secure investment properties. With a client-centric approach, Jeff tailors strategies to meet unique needs and consistently delivers outstanding outcomes. 


When asked what inspired Jeff to become a realtor he said: “When I bought my first home I couldn’t afford anything on the MLS. I had to become an expert at finding off-market deals. There are so many hidden opportunities that were never offered to me by Realtors at that time, which prompted me to take action and offer this invaluable.service to my clients.”

I am Jeff, and I am RARE.


Uncommon by design.

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