As part of your home-selling journey, when first starting the process it can seem natural to ask a realtor: “how much is my home worth?” and probably “how much do they charge?” However, is this truly the best place to begin? After all, can realtors accurately determine your home’s value without all giving differing answers? Furthermore, with all realtors possessing access to the same data sources, How are they really determining the home’s price?

An outstanding realtor brings more to the table than simply playing “price is right”; their expertise lies in developing tailored plans and approaches that take all factors into consideration, with an aim towards attracting qualified buyers willing to pay top dollar for your property rather than simply getting it sold quickly.

Not all realtors are created equal, and choosing the appropriate one requires more than simply getting the price tag that you desire. Truly outstanding agents act like detectives when searching for buyers for your property using creative marketing techniques designed to get it noticed by buyers and secure the best possible offer for your sale.

Pricing skills are only one component of what makes an exceptional realtor. Instead of opting for an agent who gives only what you want to hear, select someone who can skillfully guide you through every stage of selling a home to ensure you reach a successful outcome.

-Adam Stern