Lida Molaei Mehr

Lida is a real estate agent with a strong educational background and extensive experience. Holding a BSC in Electrical Engineering and postgraduate diplomas in MBA and DBA, Lida has a unique combination of technical expertise and strategic thinking.

With over a decade of experience as a sales and project manager, she has developed exceptional skills in building relationships, negotiating deals, and successfully completing complex projects. Her background in finance, equips her with deep understanding of financial dynamics and the ability to analyze market trends.

Lida’s outstanding track record in sales, management, and finance underscores her strong leadership, diverse skill set, vast knowledge, and the ability to ace in challenging environments. Furthermore, it enables her to provide superior service for variety of clients, ensuring their needs are being met and their expectations are being surpassed.

As a dedicated professional, she is committed to delivering exceptional outcomes. Whether it’s assisting people in finding their dream home, helping them confidently sell or rent their property, or making strategic investment choices. Most importantly, her first and foremost goal is to provide top-notch service and ensure clients’ satisfaction.

“I am Lida, and I am RARE”


Uncommon by design.

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