Marco Fronduti

Marco is an ambitious, driven individual, who has big dreams and isn’t giving up until he gets there.  

Marco’s background in sales, helps him see the bigger picture and truly ensures he is always looking out for the best interests of his clients. He knows, no two houses are the same – and the same goes for clients. Everyone is unique and different. Marco strives to help assist a wide range of clients, from first time home buyers, to investors. He will sit down with each client and make a custom plan specifically for them, and their requirements.  


Growing up and living in Toronto his whole life, Marco knows the city well, and can really narrow down which neighbourhoods would suit every individual! When Marco isn’t working, you can find him at the cottage with his family and partner Jacky or trying a new trendy restaurant downtown.  


“I am Marco Fronduti, and I am RARE.”



Uncommon by design.

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