Mark Morris

Mark is the principal of Professional Corporation, a volume-based firm focused exclusively on Real Estate in Ontario.  Mark is a professor at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Toronto Metropolitan University and is a regular resource for Real Estate Brokers and Lawyers in his industry through the Ontario Real Estate Legal Discussion Group – Ontario’s largest Realtor/Lawyer information portal with over 13,000 current members. He was, for many years, a regular instructor at the Ontario Real Estate College where he taught the Real Estate Law Articling Course and has co-founded some of Ontario’s busiest real estate firms including Axess Law Professional Corporation.  He is the owner and operator of, Ontario’s largest status review site.  

Mark has won many of Law’s top awards including, L’Expert’s Rising Star Award, Canadian Lawyer’s Most Influential Lawyer Award and the Financial Times’ Maverick and Mover Award.  In addition, the previous firms that he co-founded and built have won the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Award and the Canadian Business’s Startup 50 Award.

“I am Mark Morris, and I am RARE”.


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