Michael Walker

Michael Walker has a background in interior design and major home improvements. After working in the interior design industry for the last 5 years he decided to make the change to real estate at the end of 2022. His experience in the renovation industry has given him an edge when it comes to the details and finishes of a home. 


Mike grew up in the city of Ottawa and has lived here for 30 years. Being a part of both the hockey and golf community for most of his life has allowed him to build strong relationships within the community that have now transfered over to his real estate career.

Throughout his career in the interior design industry, he has developed a skill set that’s carried over into his real estate business. He’s an extremely passionate and personable individual who loves helping guide his clients through the process of achieving their goals with the knowledge he’s developed over the years.

” I am Michael, And I am RARE.”


Uncommon by design.

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