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Ryan (Yair) Rabinovich

Founder of Rare Real Estate

Ryan Rabinovich is an accomplished real estate professional with extensive experience spanning over 17 years. As Vice-President of a medium-sized real estate development firm, he demonstrated mastery in navigating all aspects of the development cycle with precision and dedication.  

In subsequent roles as Operating Partner and President at a leading pre-construction sales and marketing brokerage, Ryan deepened his expertise in the niche, fostering collaborative relationships with developers and gaining profound insights into their priorities. 

With a track record of managing the sale and delivery of thousands of residential units valued at over $7 billion since 2008, Ryan’s accomplishments highlight his industry expertise and commitment to excellence. 

His strong connections with top brokers and realtors in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) underscore his esteemed reputation within the real estate community, facilitating successful collaborations and project outcomes.