With our proprietary software, we are able to provide agents with the tools, digital back-office service and support they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive real estate market. RARE offers a unique and modern business model for entrepreneurial agents with multiple streams of revenue, creating a scalable and successful real estate sales practice.

By choosing RARE, you’ll realize numerous advantages:

Cutting-Edge Technology: RAREcloudTM is designed to streamline daily tasks for ease and convenience to provide agents with a true back-end dashboard built to operate a seamless real estate practice. Agents can finally experience digital full service in the palm of their hands.

I’ve never met an agent who enjoys paperwork. At RARE Real Estate, we’ve streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible. Agents shouldn’t have to be great administrators; in fact, some of the best agents I’ve encountered struggle with administrative tasks.


Business Model: Our model disrupts the conventional brokerage approach, offering ambitious agents the opportunity to unlock multiple income streams and scale their real estate practices.

Unlike the traditional model where agents solely rely on sales for income, we implement entry barriers, capped commission plans, and a revenue-sharing structure that cultivates Realtors with leadership potential. This unique model is specifically tailored for influential and top-producing agents, ensuring enhanced value for every member within our ecosystem.

Pre-con Business: RARE offers unprecedented access to first-class pre-construction developments, allowing you an inside look at projects by the city’s largest developers with nearly $3B sold and $2.5B of real estate under contract. Agents have the opportunity to access an additional revenue stream, readily available at their disposal.

Ottawa is only the start – working together, we aim to redefine real estate across Ontario city by city. If you are an Ottawa agent or anywhere in Ontario, contact us at join@rarerealestate.ca to learn how RARE can transform your real estate practice today.