Rebecca Huang

Rebecca brings a unique blend of aesthetic sensibility and business acumen to the world of real estate. With over a decade of experience as a graphic designer and a family background in real estate, she seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic world of real estate sales.Originally from Montreal, Rebecca values community, diversity, and elegant design. She understands the deeply personal process of buying property. Her family’s real estate business provided her with invaluable insights and fostered a passion for helping clients find their dream homes.Rebecca is also a seasoned renovator and her hands-on experience positions her to offer unique guidance to buyers. With her keen eye for aesthetics and her exceptional sense of space, she helps her clients envision a property’s potential and how to maximize its value through strategic renovations. Rebecca’s design experience further enables her to skillfully stage properties for sale.Whether you’re a first-time buyer, seasoned investor, or looking to sell your property, Rebecca’s multifaceted skills, personalized approach and commitment to exceptional service will make your real estate journey a rewarding experience.

“I am Rebecca Huang, and I am RARE.”



Uncommon by design.

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