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Yair (Ryan) Rabinovich

Ryan Rabinovich emerges as an accomplished professional boasting extensive experience in the realm of real estate development. Earlier in his career, Ryan served with pride as the Vice-President of a medium-sized Real Estate Development firm, he exhibited direct involvement in every facet of the development cycle, demonstrating a masterful ability to navigate each stage with precision and unwavering dedication.

Throughout his career, Ryan assumed pivotal roles as Operating Partner and President at a well-established pre-construction sales and marketing brokerage. These positions equipped him with a profound knowledge of the specialized niche, further enhancing his expertise in the real estate domain.

Having fostered a collaborative relationship with developers over 17 years, Ryan possesses a profound understanding of their priorities, enabling him to efficiently navigate challenges and drive successful outcomes.

One of his most noteworthy achievements includes the direct management and oversight of the sale and delivery of thousands of residential units since 2008, amounting to a staggering total worth exceeding $7 billion. This accomplishment not only underscores his expertise in the industry but also highlights his unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Ryan’s robust connections with top-performing Brokers and Realtors in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) attest to his esteemed standing within the real estate community. These relationships have played a pivotal role in creating essential bridges, fostering successful collaborations, and promoting overall project success.


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